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PVC Plastic Fence

  • Expandable Trellis Fence

    Expandable Trellis Fence

    Description of Expandable Trellis Fence

    Expandable Trellis Fence is an expandable trellis fence, made of PVC. environmental friendly material, fashion and realistic. The looking takes you pleasure and comfortable, can be highly customized, allowing you to adjust the length according to your desired dimensions.

  • PVC Privacy Fencing

    PVC Privacy Fencing

    1. Low maintenance cleaning–simply spray with a hose

    2. Never needs painting or staining

    3. just like vinyl siding and vinyl window extrusions will not yellow, rust, rot or decay

    4. Specially engineered for strength and durability under all weather conditions

    5. Designed for safety with no exposed nails, screws, or brackets

    6. Contains no toxic chemicals

    7. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

    8. Available in white, tan, grey, adobe, woodengrain color

    9. Optional rail lock system holds fence rails firmly in place

    10. Easy to install

  • Horse Fence /Farm Fence / Field Fence/ Non-climb Animal Plastic Fence

    Horse Fence /Farm Fence / Field Fence/ Non-climb Animal Plastic Fence

    1.Maintenance free
    2.Very durable
    3.Can be worked as wood
    4.Splinter-free / Frost proof
    5.Insensitive to fungi and insects
    6.Does not exude toxic substance into the environment
    7.Wear-resistant/ corrosion resistant/Anti-UV
    9.Full range of sizes available,etc
    10.Used widely in farm, ranch, road, building, horticulture, gardening ,etc.