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Pvc Stairs Handrail

  • PVC Stair Handrails Pure Color without Printing

    PVC Stair Handrails Pure Color without Printing

    PVC Handrails—The characteristics of pvc staircase handrails

    1. Environmental protection: using high polymer PVC material, non-toxic, non-polluting, flame-retardant, no open flame.

    2. Durable: no cracking, no change in shape, no insects, no moisture, especially suitable for coastal areas with humid air.

    3. Beautiful: a wide variety of colors to choose from. Commonly used are imitation walnut, imitation peach, imitation pine, imitation red beech, imitation marble, etc., with bright color, noble and elegant.

    4. Economy: Customized in any size to reduce the loss caused by dull materials.

    5. Complete variety: hollow handrails, economical. Bright handrails, light can shine on people. Solid handrails will not break for a hundred years.